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K-BT   TEPO K-BT Series Contact Output Bimetal Thermometers are widely used to petrochemical, chemical, food, paper and pulp and so forth or applied to measurement temperature of fluid medium in the machine.
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• For the diameter 100 ve 150 mm. Thermometers,
• Control opportunity for every kind process applications,
• Magnetic contact for affordable solutions,
• Solid contact for the robustness and stability required applications,
• Inductive contact for Ex-Proof and low pressure applications,
• Reasonable price and quality.
 Magnetic Contact  
 Diameter Thermometers for the 100 ve 150 mm.
 Max.Voltage 380 VAC, 220 VAC or DC
 Max.Current 0.7 A (380 VAC), 1 A (220 VAC/DC)
 Magnetic Contact Functions
 Solid Contact  
 Max.Voltage Thermometers for the 100, 150 ve 160 mm.
 Max.Current 380 VAC, 220 VAC or DC
 Solid Contact Functions
 Inductive Contact  
 Dial Size For the 100 ve 160 mm. Temperature Iindicators
 Max.Voltage 8 VDC ~ 16 VDC
 Max.Current 3 mA
 Ex-Proof Class Exib II CT6
 Inductive contact functions

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