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P-Sf Series

TEPO MN-P Sf is used to the food, drink, petrochemical and chemical processing.
It should be to measure pressure of the corrosion, non-viscosity and non-crystal gas and liquids.
Safety type Pressure Gauges have a back case and relief disk.
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• All Stainless steel,
• Operating and measurement reliability,
• High accuracy,
• Inside bayonet case,
• With the back plate for high pressures,
• Blow out disk,
• Laminated safety glass,
• The most appropriate solution for hard working conditions.
 Accuracy Diameter 63 mm. 1.6%, 2.5% of F.S.
Diameter 100 ve 160 mm. 1% and 1.6% of F.S.
 Range Please refer to the table
 Dial size 63 mm.,100 mm. and 160 mm.
 Case AISI 304SS, with blow out disk and burst disk
 Ring Inside bayonet or outside bayonet
 Movement AISI 304SS
 Pointer Black painted aluminum, micrometric adjustable
 Measurement element

AISI 316 Stainless steel bourdon tube

 Working pressure Dia. 63 mm. 3/4 x FS for the stable, 2/3 x FS for the wave, 1.2 x FS for the short-term works.
Dia. 100/160 mm. 3/4 x FS for the stable, 0.9 x FS for the wave, 1.3xFS for the short-term works.
 Working temperature -40 ~ 60oC Max. 200 oC
 Gasket materials Fluorine rubber
 Glass Laminated safety glass
 Protection Class Dry types IP54, Liquid filling types IP65
 Filling liquid Glycerin, silicone oil
 Socket material AISI 304 SS
 Connection thread Diameter 63 mm. R 1/4" or 1/4" NPT. Diameter 100 mm. or 160 mm. R1/2”, 1/2” NPT,..
 Connection form Bottom or back



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