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MN-S Series   TEPO SM Series Standart Pressure Gauges suitable for the non-explosion, non crystal, non-solid and non-corrosion to the copper alloy.
The pressure system consists, bourdon tube and transfer mechanism and show the value throught the pointer.
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• Range is -1 to 600 Bar
• Dial size 100 and 160 mm.,
• Front panel and rear panel mounting,
• Favorable price.
 Accuracy 1.6% of F.S.
 Range Please refer to the table
 Dial size 100 mm. and 160 mm.
 Working pressure 3/4 of full scale to the fixed-stable works,
3/2 of full scale to the wave-unstable works,
1.3 x Full scale to the short-term works.
 Working temperature -40 ~ 70oC
 Temperature effect 20 +/-5oC üzerindeki her 10oC'da 0.6% ilave edilmesi gerekir.
 Case St13 black painted
 Movement Brass
 Bourdon tüp/Socket Brass
 Welding 0~40 Bar 4% gümüş kaynağı, 40 Bar'ın üzeri ve yüksek sıcaklıkda 40% gümüş kaynağı
 Scale Black print on white painted Aluminum
 Pointer Black epoksili aluminum
 Glass 3 mm. Instrument glass or plexiglass
 Protection Class Model YMN-P için IP55, Model YMN-P (sıvı dolgulu) IP65
 Socket material AISI 316SS, AISI 316LSS
 Connection thread R1/2”, 1/2” NPT


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