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YMN Series   TEPO YMN Series Stainless Steel Corrosion-Proof Diaphragm Gauges are built for measuring low pressure of gas or liquid in chemical, petroleum, textto industries, where strong corrosion and viscous media (non-crystallized) are a concern.
Different diaphragm materials are available to be compatible with process fluids.
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• Minimum range 10 mBar,
• Liquid fiiling option,
• Option; with the electric contact and current transducer,
• Option; PTFE lined Diaphragm,
• Complete Stainless steel or according material to the customer request,
• Standart connection or according thread and flange connections to the customer requirements,
 Accuracy 1.6%, 2.5% of F.S.
 Range Please refer to the table
 Dial size 100 mm. and 160 mm.
 Working pressure 3/4 of full scale to the fixed-stable works,
3/2 of full scale to the wave-unstable works,
Full scale to the short-term works.
 Working temperature -40 ~ 60oC
 Diaphragm material AISI 316SS, PTFE lined
 Case AISI 304SS
 Socket material AISI 316SS, AISI 316LSS
 Movement AISI 304SS
 Gasket materials Fluorine rubber
 Protection class IP55 for Model YMN-P, IP65 for Model YMN-P (liquid filling)
 Filling liquid Glycerin, silicone oil
 Connection thread R1/2”, 1/2” NPT
 Flange connection DIN, ANSI standarts or customer request
 Flange material AISI 304SS, AISI 316SS, AISI 316LSS, PTFE lined



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